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Huanghua Port’s Intelligent Loading System Identified as Domestically Leading

source: Communication Company author: publishedtime: 2022-01-28

The intelligent loading safety and operation monitoring system, developed by Huanghua Port under China Energy, was identified by the expert group on January 20 as domestically leading.

The system involves key technologies such as ship loader anti-collision and moored ship real-time monitoring. The ship loader anti-collision technology integrates functions such as equipment and model anti-collision and equipment positioning, which can effectively reduce the risk of collision of ship loaders in automated operation. The moored ship real-time monitoring technology can achieve automatic warning if the balance and positions of moored ships are detected as abnormal, so as to realize real-time monitoring of the states of ships and guarantee intelligent loading. So far, the technology has been put into trial operation in ship loaders, which has been proven well in practice.

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