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Ningxia Power Promotes New Energy Development through Multiple Measures

source: Communication Company author: publishedtime: 2022-02-21

In 2021, Ningxia Power Co., Ltd. under China Energy Investment Corporation took active actions to promote new energy development, in an effort to realize the goals of “peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.” It launched 14 photovoltaic power projects, with a total installed capacity of 582,600 kW, and obtained project reserve totaling 2.34 million kW, accomplishing its task assigned by the parent company in new energy development.

A distributed photovoltaic power project.

The company has focused on developing both distributed and centralized photovoltaic power projects while advancing its shared power storage initiative. It assigns specific tasks to its 20 subsidiaries and urges them to fulfill their duties. Through communicating with government departments, it works to clinch quality resources for new energy development, and partners with many leading new energy equipment manufacturers to build a green industrial chain. Through joint efforts, the company has registered 65 projects and won the right to develop distributed photovoltaic power projects in eight counties (districts).

According to the requirements of China Energy, Ningxia Power, following the development strategy of “digital design, intelligent operations, remote monitoring, unmanned patrol, multi-energy complementarity, and low-carbon and high-efficiency production”, compiles feasibility research reports and makes science-based work schedules to advance the construction of China’s largest intelligent photovoltaic power project with an installed capacity of 2 million kW. Moreover, eyeing “further development, enhanced efficiency and reduced costs,” the company plans to launch 10 major projects in 2022 and concentrates its strength to accelerate the construction of such projects as the Ningdong 1 million kW photovoltaic power base, the new energy supplementary project for the low-carbon new material industrial park, and the integrated energy advancement project, with the purpose of speeding up its green transformation.

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