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Xinshuo Railway’s Intelligent Patrol Robot Helps to Guarantee Power Supply

source: Communication Company author: publishedtime: 2022-02-10

As of February 2, 2022, the intelligent patrol robot equipped in Xinshuo Railway Power Supply Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy, had been operating stably in the Nalinchuan traction substation for 136 days.

The intelligent patrol robot inspects equipment at the substation.

The intelligent patrol robot features high-resolution videotaping, infrared thermal imaging, sound collecting, and meter image recognition. It can perform real-time monitoring of problems such as foreign matters and thermal malfunctions of indoor and outdoor high-voltage equipment, and identify and position defects that cannot be discovered by bare eyes, thus increasing the work efficiency. During its trial operation, the robot checked all indoor and outdoor high-voltage equipment in the traction substation along a preset route every day. To date, it has operated for a total of 574 hours and patrolled and checked equipment 34,728 times, traveling a total length of 89 kilometers. The robot has effectively supplanted human patrolling in some areas, reduced risks in equipment patrol, and enhanced the substation’s power supply quality and safety, laying a solid hardware foundation for the stable and smooth operation of Xinshuo Railway.

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