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Wuhai Energy’s Intelligent Mining Technology Recognized by MOST

source: Communication Company author: publishedtime: 2022-02-18

“The 5G+XR smart glasses I’m wearing can be used in various fields including coal mining equipment checking and emergency rescue, through which technicians on the ground can provide real-time technical instructions, thus effectively enhancing the company’s technological safety and capacity,” said a worker at the 16401 longwall mining face of Laoshidan Coal Mine under Shenhua Wuhai Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy Investment Corporation, when communicating with experts from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Beijing via video link on February 10.

Though thousands of miles apart, the voice and video of the miner in the conversation working nearly 400 meters underground remained very clear, testifying to the remarkable achievements of Laoshidan Coal Mine in intelligent mining technology development. The application of state-of-the-art technologies brings new vitality to the 70-year-old mine.

During the online conversation, the staff of Laoshidan Coal Mine expounded on the application of 5G-based innovative technologies such as intelligent coal mining, intelligent scheduling and control, AI-based intelligent analysis, intelligent equipment monitoring and check, patrol robots, intelligent water supply, and smart wearable devices. They also demonstrated the positive role played by 5G technology and new equipment in enhancing mining safety and efficiency, improving workplace conditions, and increasing workers’ wellbeing.

In recent years, Wuhai Energy has kept pace with the latest trends of the coal industry and formulated coordinated plans to accelerate the construction of intelligent mines. Following the principle of “one mine, one policy” and adhering to the strategy of “pilot reform, step-by-step spread, and continual upgrading,” the company continues to increase investment in intelligent equipment and advance intelligent upgrading of mines, so as to solve mining problems and strengthen safety management. It has realized phased results in industrial upgrade. Laoshidan Coal Mine launched an intelligent mine construction program in September 2020, and took concrete actions to advance the program with high standards, which already passed the acceptance check by experts in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In May 2021, Laoshidan Coal Mine joined hands with China Mobile to complete the 5G+ intelligent mine project, achieving full coverage of the 5G network and seven 5G-based application scenarios. In July 2021, it completed and put into operation Wuhai City’s first intelligent mechanized mining face that features one-key start/shutdown and automated cutting and shafting. As a result, the company has realized remote centralized control of main transport, power supply, water drainage and other systems, unmanned monitoring in fixed posts, and intelligent patrol robots in key posts. Its main transport system can adjust operations based on the volume of coal to be transported, thus reducing the idle operation rate of belt conveyers. The auxiliary transport system achieves automatic monitoring of the position and speed of trackless rubber-tyred vehicles and realizes smart traffic control, enhancing safety and efficiency and saving manpower. It has enabled the company to save 76 human workers.

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