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Intelligent Mining

source: author: publishedtime: 2022-04-21

China Energy strives to promote intelligent, safe, efficient and green coal mining, and has set the goal to achieve fully intelligent coal mining by 2022. So far, it has completed a number of intelligent coal mining faces, intelligent excavation faces, and intelligent coal washing plants. Nine of its coal mines have been listed among national demonstration intelligent coal mines.

Coal mines operated by China Energy are working to accelerate intelligent transformation. The Shangwan Coal Mine has set up the world’s first 8.8-meter super-large intelligent working face. The Jinjie Coal Mine has built China’s first demonstration digital mine. The Daliuta Coal Mine has established the world’s first intelligent coal mine ground centralized control center. The Baorixile Coal Mine became the first in the world to achieve “5G+ autonomous-driven” heavy-haul truck grouped operations in ultra-cold conditions. The Heidaigou and Haerwusu open-pit coal mines took the lead in employing the BeiDou positioning system and the intelligent hole siting system in blasting operations and achieving active safe driving functions such as automatic precautions and intelligent braking by relying on safety guarantee systems. Such digitalization efforts have enabled the coal mines to significantly save human labor and enhance production safety.

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