Digital-driven Intelligent Production

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Intelligent Chemical Manufacturing

source: author: publishedtime: 2022-04-21

China Energy has actively advanced comprehensive digitalization of the chemical industry, for the purpose of achieving the goals of completing a data-driven intelligent manufacturing system, safety risk control system, and intelligent operation and decision-making system by the end of 2022. Leveraging the intelligent control system, it has maintained safe, stable and clean operations of the world’s first and only 1 million ton direct coal-to-liquid (CTL) demonstration project and the 4 million ton indirect CTL demonstration project with the largest investment, blazing a new path for enhancing and guaranteeing China’s energy security. In the field of coal chemicals, it has completed 37 key technological research and major equipment and material localization projects and developed specialized materials such coal-based jet fuel and aviation kerosene, expanding the supply of military fuel.

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